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+ About Me 

Hi, there! I'm Brooke Johnson, author. I write under the science fiction and fantasy umbrella, everything from steampunk to science fantasy, fairytale retellings, goblincore cozies, and I'm even trying out romantasy. You can find my published work on the "books" page.

In addition to being a writer (and lifelong reader), I'm also a casual gamer, home chef/baker, dabbling artist, newbie motorcyclist, and amateur meadmaker. I am a hopeless hobbyist who loves learning new skills, and if I could choose any other job in the world, I would be a professional humanities student for the rest of my life. 

Born and raised in the woods of Central Arkansas, I graduated salutatorian from Bauxite High School with honors and went on to get a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Arkansas Tech University, also with honors. I now live in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas with my husband, kiddo, and five animal companions. 

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