About Brooke

Hi, there! I'm Brooke Johnson, writer of history-inspired science fiction and fantasy, writing everything from alternate history steampunk and medieval fairytale retellings, to 20th century pulp adventures and world-travelling sagas.

When I'm not writing, I'm an avid gamer, home baker, dabbling artist, tabletop roleplayer, and amateur meadmaker. I am a notorious hobbyist who loves learning new skills, and I would be an excellent addition to any post-apocalyptic survival team as someone who can cook, ferment, sew, knit, and MacGyver pretty much anything with a bit of string and duct tape.

I live in Northwest Arkansas with my husband, Aaron, our perfectly weird and wonderful, noodle-loving kid, and five cuddly overlords: K.K., Merlin, Oatmeal, Leeloo, and Toast.

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