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About Brooke

(someday I'll get a professional picture taken...)

Brooke Johnson is the author of the Chroniker City steampunk series, including The Brass Giant, The Mechanical Theater, and The Guild Conspiracy, published with Harper Voyager. She writes history-inspired science fiction and fantasy, everything from alternate history steampunk to medieval fairytale retellings.

When not writing, she is an avid gamer, home baker, dabbling artist, tabletop roleplayer, and amateur meadmaker. As the jack-of-all-trades bard of the family, she adventures through life with her fiercely bearded paladin husband, their rogue kiddo, and five animal companions in the suburbs of Northwest Arkansas.

Published Work

The Chroniker City Series

Visit Chroniker City to experience a steam-powered alternate history set in the 1880s.

Featuring a determined teenage engineer trying to carve her place in a field long-reserved for men, this series explores all the facets of steam, clockwork, and fuel-powered machines of the late 19th century—from self-powered automatons and mechanical theater stages, to remote-controlled battle bots and deadly war machines, with subterranean engines and steam-powered airships thrown in for good measure—sure to delight any teenager or adult who has a passion for engineering.