About Brooke

Hi, there! I'm Brooke Johnson, writer of history-inspired science fiction and fantasy, writing everything from alternate history steampunk and medieval fairytale retellings, to 20th century pulp adventures and traditional sweeping epics.

When I'm not writing, I'm an avid gamer, home baker, dabbling artist, tabletop roleplayer, novice knitter, and amateur meadmaker. I am a notorious hobbyist who loves learning new skills, and I would be an excellent addition to any post-apocalyptic survival team as someone who can cook, ferment, sew, knit, and MacGyver pretty much anything with a bit of string and duct tape.

I live in beautiful Northwest Arkansas with my husband, Aaron, and our perfectly weird and wonderful kid, who never ceases to amaze. We are outnumbered by four ridiculous pets: a chihuhua-terrier mix named K.K., a vocal Russian Blue named Merlin, a snuggly stray calico shorthair we took in named Oatmeal, and a demandingly playful Shiba Inu named Leeloo.

Without them, my life would be painfully boring.